What to Expect From a Wildlifeviction visit

Are you hearing noises in your attic?  What about scratching under your house?  Seeing snakes in the yard or in your crawlspace?  After receiving a call from a customer with a wildlife issue the first step is to inspect your home or business for signs of wildlife activity.  It can be as simple as removing a single animal and other times it may involve trapping and EXCLUSION to ensure all wildlife entering your structure are removed to prevent future problems.  Once the nuisance animals have been humanely removed the EXCLUSION process begins.

EXCLUSION: Locating and sealing all possible wildlife entry points on the exterior of a home or business to prevent animals from reentering. 

After a thorough inspection has been completed we will advise you on any repairs/exclusion that may be needed to prevent future wildlife problems.  Droppings and nesting materials left behind in your attic or crawl space will be removed and entire area will be disinfected to be sure no harmful contaminates are left behind to harm you or your family.  Exterior and interior repairs will be completed with top quality materials and professional/experienced craftsmanship and will be guaranteed to prevent future wildlife issues.

Common structural issues caused by wildlife


Do you have bats in your attic?

Bats are habitual roosters and will not abandon a roosting area without trying everything they can to gain reentry into their established roost.  All areas of possible entry must be sealed with proven materials and techniques.  With years of experience we have the knowledge to locate and properly repair all areas of possible reentry.  Bat guano (droppings) can be more harmful than the bats themselves.  Spores in the guano can become airborne and cause serious respiratory problems.  All accessible guano is removed at the completion of every bat exclusion and areas are disinfected to ensure all harmful contaminates are neutralized.  In some cases bats are gaining entry to the interior of homes and businesses.  In these cases locating possible entry points on the interior is more important than the exterior entry point therefore must be located and sealed first.

Coyote captured on damage control job
 Call today for a free estimate on Coyote trapping and removal.

Coyotes roaming around your neighborhood or rural property, possibly hunting your pets or even livestock?  Call WildlifEviction for professional and effective trapping and removal.                                    

What to Look for and Listen for: Coyotes closely resemble domesticated dogs and are usually confused with German Shepards when seen by the untrained eye of homeowners.  Coyotes vary in color but are typically gray to brown, but different color variations exist.  Black, reddish and white coyotes are common depending on the region in which they are located.  High pitched howls and short bursts of yipping can identify  a coyote presence on or around your property.                                     

Damage Caused by Coyotes: In residential areas coyotes prey on small dogs and cats.  Coyotes are opportunistic hunters and take advantage of easy prey animals.  Livestock such as sheep, goats, chickens, and rabbits are also prey animals.

Trapping and Removal of Coyotes: Contact WildlifEviction for field tested and proven Coyote trapping and removal of nuisance coyote problems.  All traps and methods meet state and local laws and requirements, and animals are handled humanely.

Gray Squirrels

Are you hearing noises in your attic during the day?

Squirrels enter structures to have their young, and most female squirrels that do this were born in an attic of a home themselves.  It is just natural for them to do the same thing their mother did.  Once inside of a structure squirrels damage insulation and most importantly electrical wiring.  Studies have shown that a percentage of unexplained fires are caused by rodents or squirrels chewing on electrical wiring.  Squirrel urine and feces contaminate insulation making this a possible health risk to you and your family.  Proper trapping techniques to remove these problem animals is a must to ensure all squirrels entering your structure are captured and relocated. Using quality materials and experienced craftsmanship allows WildlifEviction to properly repair damages to your home or business and exclude these animals from reentering the structure.

Southern Flying Squirrels

Do you scratching in your attic at night?

Flyers (as we affectionately refer to them) are the smallest squirrel species in North Carolina.  Only 8 to 10 inches in length and weighing only a few ounces, these squirrels can enter structures through the smallest of openings.  In most cases these openings are referred to as construction gaps.  A construction gap is a small openings on the roof line left during original construction of the home.  Other times it can be areas that are in disrepair and are easily breached by squirrels.

Squirrels left in the attic can damage wiring due to chewing. Damage can be significant and possibly cause fire hazards.  Squirrels must chew (file) their teeth because they constantly grow and the length must be maintained.  Their droppings and urine can cause damage to insulation and be harmful to you and your family. Trapping is required to ensure all squirrels have been removed.  Exclusion repair to exterior is required to prevent reentry into the structure.

Are you finding your trashcans turned over at night? 
Raccoons can cause serious and costly damages to the exterior of your home or business and even more damage to the interior if entry is successful. If unchecked, complete insulation removal and replacement are common due to droppings and urine contamination, and duct work can be completely destroyed. Raccoons are removed humanly and exclusion repairs are specialized to insure that hard to keep out raccoons are evicted permanently.
Is your bathroom exhaust fan not working or do you hear fluttering or chirping in your bathroom?
There are many species of birds that can cause problems around your home or business. The most common are European Starlings. These birds will enter through the small vents on the exterior which vent bathroom exhaust fans and dryer ducts. Starlings stuff these ducts completely shut with debris to stop any airflow. This can be a serious fire hazard with dryer ducts. Starlings are a host for mites which can enter your home or business if not treated after removal. A bird exclusion consists of nest removal from duct, bird mite treatment, and exterior exclusion to prevent re-entry.
Do you hear scratching from under your floor or under the house?
Opossums enter the crawl space area of homes more often than any other wildlife. Entry is usually gained through missing or improperly installed foundation vents, faulty crawl space doors, puncture points for drain lines, etc. They cause serious damage to sub floor insulation and hvac duct work. Opossums can enter the interior of structures if an opening is available for them to do so. Humane trapping and foundation exclusion is the answer for this possibly costly intrusion.
Are you seeing snakes in your yard or under your house?
We remove many snakes from the interior and exterior of many homes and businesses every year. Exclusion to the foundation areas of structures is definitely recommended to avoid entry but habitat modification is the ultimate solution. With years of experience and training, WildlifEviction can inspect your home or business and surrounding property to give you options for the best course of action in dealing with snake activity you may be experiencing.